Hartland Study

Experimental Biology 2011

The Hartland Institute of Health Education’s residential lifestyle intervention improves patients’ BMI, blood lipids and fasting plasma glucose profiles.
Roman Pawlak, Ph.D, RD* & Maria Gligor**
Objective: To assess the impact of residential lifestyle intervention which consisted of a la carte vegan diet and physical activity.
Methods: Lifestyle intervention based on Hartland Institute of Health Education consisted of between 10 to 18 days of a la carte vegan diet and between 20 to 120 minutes of daily walking. Anthropometric (weight and height) and biochemical (total, LDL and HDL cholesterol, triglycerides and fasting plasma glucose) measurements were taken at baseline and at the end of the program.
Results: Mean (SD) age of participants (n = 309) was 56.5 (14.3) years. 69.9% of participants were females, 48.5% were Caucasian, 34.5% were African American and 8.5% were Hispanics. There were statistically significant differences between baseline and post-intervention values except for the HDL cholesterol. The mean pre- and post-intervention BMI was 31.6 vs. 29 (t (df = 276) = 3.21; p = 0.001), respectively. Mean T-chol. changed from 187 to 172 (t(df = 274) = 7.46); p = 0.001). Mean LDL-chol. decreased from 106 to 95 (t(df = 254) = 5.79); p = 0.001). And mean fasting blood glucose changed from 107 to 101 (t(df = 273) = 3.32); p = 0.001).
Conclusion: A short-term residential lifestyle intervention program was effective in improving anthropometric and biochemical markers including BMI, blood lipids and fasting glucose profile.
*East Carolina University ** Hartland Institute


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