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a Y U M I hashi M O T O


Yumi Moto is originally from Japan,  a vegan chef influenced by traditional Japanese style cooking and international cuisine. Yumi’s journey to Veganism began in 1984 while attending Newbold College in England. Gathering experience & recipes while exploring the Middle East & Europe has developed Yumi’s flare & style for living & cooking. Returning to Tokyo to develop her recipes, Yumi became a vegan during her pregnancy in 1993. Eventually, her zeal for Vegan Nutrition became focused toward therapeutic healing & anti-aging. Instructing cooking classes and conducting healthy lifestyle seminars have been Yumi’s passion for the last 20 years. In 2002 Yumi moved to the USA as Supervising Chef at Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center in Alabama. In 2007 she joined the faculty at Hartland Institute in Virginia. Venues for her classes often expanded around the East Coast, even up to Canada, where she promoted health & wellness in public schools, churches, universities, clinics, facilities for seniors, health food stores, Whole Foods Markets, and at the University of Virginia. Yumi’s faith and heart-felt concern for people’s health are evident in her presentations. As she travels through life’s journey, Yumi shares her experience and faith with compassion and humility. She delights in seeing people improving their health and encouraging others to do the same. Yumi’s favorite pastimes are swimming, travel, and researching new pathays to optimum health & youthful wholeness. Yumi now resides in Nashville TN.

The goal of this blog is to promote a lifestyle that will result in optimal health and well being. Please feel free to leave a comment if you would like me to come to your group for a health event.